Leesburg Business Launches AM Bioscience to Address Cannabis Safety

LEESBURG, Va. –  AM LLC, a public health solutions and health IT firm, announced the launch of its new service line, AM Bioscience℠. Designed to help state and local governments achieve cannabis regulatory requirements and consumer health protection goals, AM Bioscience’s service offerings include laboratory testing, compliance, regulatory support, research development and peer review, market analysis, and social equity programming.

“AM remains committed to working with government agencies to safeguard public health as cannabis legalization continues to expand nationwide,” said Dan Gabriel, CEO. “AM Bioscience builds upon our network of talented researchers and top experts, enhancing AM’s capabilities to help our clients navigate compliance complexities, ensure cannabis safety, and proactively protect the health of our communities.”

While there are endless opportunities to license, tax, and regulate medical and adult-use cannabis, responsible regulatory strategy must ensure consumer safety through comprehensive quality assurance. Recognizing that successful implementation requires input from a wide range of specialties, AM assembled a multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts adept at addressing the intricacies of cannabis regulatory frameworks. With AM Bioscience, government agencies gain access to the full complement of cannabis regulatory services from some of the nation’s top cannabis researchers, laboratory directors, policy analysts, and public health professionals.