AM LLC Launches K-12 Focused Public Health Consulting Service

LEESBURG, Va., Aug. 4, 2022  — AM LLC, a public health solutions and health IT firm, announced the launch of its K-12 Contract Public Health Consulting service, designed to assist K-12 schools nationwide in need of comprehensive, accessible public health guidance and support to fill the gaps that exist at the state and local level.

“As time becomes a strained commodity and schools work to manage to change recovery dynamics and initiatives, AM Public Health Consulting mitigates these challenges by allowing them to engage directly with the top experts in the field to meet their public health obligations,” said Dan Gabriel, CEO of AM LLC. “We now know that in order to keep students and staff safe, healthy, and thriving we must attend to the complex dynamics of public health in proactive ways. We also know that the community resources that we historically relied on to manage public health can become overwhelmed in times of crisis. AM is here to fill that gap.”

AM LLC’s best-in-class team of advisors and senior management are ready to provide districts with an individualized approach that supports the alignment of communication, funding, and guidance. Their team of experts is on-call and fully scalable based on district needs and changing circumstances. Consulting services are secured on a monthly retainer basis, with a sliding scale based on overall school or district size.