Free Workshops for Artists and Arts Organizations

The Northern Virginia Local Arts Agencies (NVLAA) is proud to present seven free workshops for artists and arts organizations, covering topics such as gallery representation, cultural intelligence, arts marketing insights, creating content in a digital world, and more.

Inside Gallery Representation: Paths to Working with Dealers

January 18, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by: New York Foundation for the Arts

Attaining gallery representation is a goal for many artists. While it’s seen by many as a marker of success and support, it’s often unclear how to get representation. This panel will focus on how to attain gallery representation. You’ll hear directly from artists on their paths towards reaching this milestone, as well as the gallerist’s perspective on what factors they consider when deciding whether to represent an artist. Time for Q&A will be provided.

Panelists’ information is forthcoming; check back for more details!


Cultural Intelligence for Arts Organizations & Artists with Brighter Strategies

February 8, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by Ann Romosz of Brighter Strategies

In an increasingly interconnected and diverse world, the ability to navigate and thrive in culturally rich environments has become an essential skill. This workshop is designed to empower the participants with the tools, knowledge, and insights needed to develop a heightened awareness of different cultures, enhance cross-cultural communication skills, and cultivate a deep sense of cultural sensitivity. Whether you’re interacting with colleagues, clients, or partners from around the globe, the principles and practices you’ll discuss here will enable you to foster respectful and effective collaborations while fostering an inclusive and harmonious environment.

Nailing the Application: A Guide to Artist Open Calls

February 22, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by: New York Foundation for the Arts

To be an artist is to constantly apply for things such as exhibitions and residencies. Many creative opportunities start with an open call. How can you ensure you’re putting your best foot forward when submitting these applications?

Drawing upon the perspective of arts decision-makers who run residencies, jury exhibitions, and review project proposals, this panel discussion will cover:

  • Where to find open calls for art exhibitions, residencies, and more
  • How to determine if an opportunity is right for you
  • Tips for compiling and presenting your work samples
  • What reviewers like to see in the application statement/narrative
  • Insights into the behind the scenes review process

Time for Q&A will be provided. Panelists’ information is forthcoming; check back for more details!


Marketing Insights for Arts Organizations and Artists

March 7, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by: City of Alexandria Office of the Arts, Arlington Arts, and ArtsFairfax Marketing and Communications Staff

More information coming soon.

Marketing Tools of the Trade with Substantial Art and Music

March 21, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by: Substantial Art & Music

Sub Arts will provide artists and arts organizations with tools in Social Media Marketing & Analytics, and Passive Income/Monetization for both visual and performing arts.

Creating Content in a Digital World

April 4, 2024, 12-1:30pm
Online via Zoom
Facilitated by: New York Foundation for the Arts

In today’s digital world, creatives are often expected to create content representing their artistic practice–in addition to their art itself. Yet most artists are not professional content producers, or at least didn’t start out that way.

In this workshop, we’ll explore how artists can professionally and creatively develop content to build their audience online. This presentation will be led by expert Molaundo Jones, who runs the marketing initiatives for an organization world renowned for producing creative content, Art21, in his role as Senior Director of Communications and Partnerships. Strategies for developing content on social media and YouTube will be discussed, and time for Q&A will be provided.


Community Engagement with Studio Pause

May 2, 2024, 5-6:30pm
in person at Studio Pause, 4710 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204
Facilitated by Sushmita Mazumdar of Studio Pause

Artists and arts organizations get an overview of ways to engage the community they are trying to serve. Instructor Sushmita Mazumdar will share how her artist’s projects and others she has observed or been part of hope to use art to achieve long-term outcomes, try our new processes, and build relationships.