Pro Football Retired Players Association Launches New Initiative to Connect Retired Players to Fans

ARLINGTON, Va., August 25, 2022 — has partnered with the Pro Football Retired Players Association to offer retired NFL players a way to make money and connect with their fans. PFRPA Direct will allow its members to access MILLIONS’ offerings, including MILLIONS WatchStream. Technology. PFRPA members can host WatchParties or sell merchandise. A personalized video can be used to engage with fans.

“At PFRPA we are focused to creating strategic partnerships that enable our to improve the lives of those who have given so much to the game,” stated Joe Agbasi, Executive Director of PFRPA. MILLIONS is a partnership that gives each member the opportunity to grow on the brand they have built and cultivated as NFL players. Retired NFL players can generate revenue with the help of MILLIONS’ dedicated team, thanks to PFRPA Direct.

MILLIONS allows retired NFL players to make use of its many marketing options, which in turn creates memorable experiences for their fans. WatchStream Technology will allow PFRPA members to host a WatchParty where fans can watch live sporting events together. MILLIONS provides a concierge account manager and a design team to help you market and create new merchandise. PFRPA members can also create a personalized video (or Ask Me Anything) for fans who are interested in purchasing content from a retired NFL player. Chief Executive officer Matt Whitteker stated that “our mission with PFRPA stands out in that it supports retired NFL players.” “We want to give retired football players more money, help them connect with their fans, and allow them to concentrate on their post-career, friends, and families while we take care everything else. It’s a win for both the former players as well as millions of sports fans worldwide.

PFRPA’s mission is to preserve and build on the legacy of retired NFL players. It does this by creating and managing new revenue streams and developing meaningful education, health, and welfare programs. MILLIONS is aligned with the organization’s mission.